Super MonkeyStar

Super MonkeyStar

BioWeapon Ape


An Emergency in Planet Qvimian Prime

Discover the different adventures lying on Qvimian Prime: Robot Enemies, Robot Masters, Bionic Weapons, Rockets, Power Ups and Spacemonkey Shops!


Bioweapon Ape 013 - Iter

Iter has scaped from his captors at the Spacecraft Fortress! He will discover his new abilities and will learn to use the different weapons in exciting monkey adventures.

Play with Iter!


A lot of different Power Ups to help you in your raid to Qvimian Prime.

Fight the different enemies designed to challenge your skills, you will need help hehe!.

Different Achievements to track your ingame progress. Will you unlock all of them?

Coins, Distance, Score and Level Rates, all of them to keep track of your best score and beat it!

With the EveryPlay technology you will be able to record your games and share them with your friends. You can even win prizes!

Super MonkeyStar will be available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Steam, Web, Ouya and XboxOne. Play wherever you want!